Through strategic investigations Tracks sheds much needed light on the actions of cruel animal industries - helping organsiations make the case for change. Our diligent, carefully planned undercover investigations are at the heart of our work. 

The more complex and potentially dangerous projects see investigators setting up false front companies and well-researched fake identities, allowing them to infiltrate potentially criminal organisations and get close to the key individuals suspected of involvement so we can film and photograph the abuses dished out so routinely to nature and its occupants.

Evidence that Tracks has gathered has resulted in pressure groups managing to stop the trade in some endangered species, alter farming practices, change a nation's eating habits, ban fur farming, influence and change government and EU policy, and successfully prosecute many organisations and individuals. 

Tracks Investigations are most established within the animal protection sector and it is here that we have chalked up an amazing success record, especially on campaigns which have captured the public’s imagination through mainstream media attention.

Our investigative services include:

Full project management of investigative campaigns undertaking initial research, field investigations, written reports and edited video

Investigative journalists for undercover assignments

Specialist covert equipment service

In-depth scientific and policy research and support

Investigations training for NGO's