Tracks Investigations are recognised specialists in undertaking campaign investigations for NGO's. Our award winning eco spooks have unparalleled experience in gathering film and photographic evidence of abuses and crimes, which have had devastating impacts for people, animals and the planet.

We offer a comprehensive global investigation and film production service to conservation, environmental and animal protection groups. 

With over 200 investigative assignments successfully delivered to charities and NGO’s, Tracks are world leaders when it comes to gathering crucial film evidence to support campaign objectives calling for lasting change for the benefit of animals and the environment. 

Tracks seeks to help organisations shock the world through using the power of image as a campaigning tool to create change. We truly believe if people know – they will act!



Find out about our organisation's history and team working on behalf of animals and the environment.


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Since its inception in 2006, Tracks has undertaken over 200 investigative film projects supporting conservation, environmental and animal protection NGOs and charities.  


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