Tracks Investigations Ltd was co- founded by Gem de Silva (the current CEO) in 2006, who noticed the need for an ethical investigation agency to support the work of leading charities and NGO's in the field of conversation and animal protection.

Gem first started investigating animal protection issues in the mid 1980's. He pioneered the use of undercover investigative filmmaking techniques, directing and producing a number of programmes for UK national television exposing the tragedies of industrial farming. 

In the mid 90's he left the world of television to set up the Investigations Unit at Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) in order to document the lives of factory farmed animals around the globe. The investigations unit was the first of its kind in the animal protection sector and provided vital footage to further the lobbying and campaigning aims of CIWF.  Powerful imagery of battery chickens and pigs in barren sow stalls lead to their use been banned in the UK and EU.

In the early 00's Gem went to work as the Director of Research and Investigations at BUAV - (now called Cruelty Free International) in order to investigative the animal testing industry where he specialised in shinning a light on the international trade of primates for research. He has led many successful investigative campaigns which have resulted in affecting real improvements for the welfare of animals. His work has been recognised by the RSPCA who presented him a with Special Investigations Award for his work on the primate trade.

The team at Tracks consists of 12 international investigative consultants who have unparalleled skills and experience in planning and undertaking investigations for the conservation, animal protection and environmental sectors. Our diverse team includes ex special forces personnel, former police officers, internationally acclaimed television broadcasters and journalists, research scientists as well as environmental and animal protection lobbyists and campaigners. You will not find a team that is so passionate about conservation and animal protection issues!

Whilst you may not heard of Tracks Investigations - as we are a small organisation that does not spend a penny, cent or dime on marketing, advertising or fundraising - you may well have heard of the groundbreaking investigations that we have done that have allowed NGO’s to obtain instant campaign successes as well as raise their own profile in national and international media.

Tracks is an active member of the Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime, a partnership made up of governmental as well as non-governmental organisations working together to combat wildlife crime.

To watch a sample of our investigative films please just click on the Vimeo icon below.